OCO Radius (2018) - HTML5/WebGL game for the Desktop Browser

OCO Radius is an action packed hyper-casual game for Android.


pong or die - Indie DB Pong or Die

Classic Pong with a twist of mind blowing action.

Passy (2017) - HTML5/WebGL game for the Desktop Browser

Control four bats simultaneously and prevent the ball from smashing the wall. Requires coordination and skill. Released on Kongregate/

Misc App (2016) - GooglePlay

I currently have x2 items published on GooglePlay (only). 1. Bhanu - a noisy (app) to help sooth babies & 2. Rockwell Miner - my first ever attempt at game development/publishing.

SAMAFAL LTD (2008) - Interactive Application (Windows .net) Desktop

Application was written for a Microsoft Windows based machine and publish to DVD, so Samafal (Company No. 06359362) could install/run at their London based test centre(s) - for customers applying for UK Citizenship. I wrote/coded the initial project but the artwork was sub-contracted.

Misc Animation/Video (2013-2016)

Have produced several (commercial) Book trailer videos for an award-winning author and one or two publishers.

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